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Leading Cause of PTSD in Medical Malpractice Litigation

Let's talk about - Physicians, Lawsuits, and PATTERNS...

In helping over a hundred physicians go through the litigation process as a med mal defense lawyer, its hard not to notice patterns.

Perhaps the most prevalent pattern is how physicians cope with the toxic effects of medical malpractice lawsuits.

I call it the “The Beach ball Effect.”

Ever held a beach ball under water? How well did that go?

A doc who is sued experiences … [dare I say]… . . feelings …

And what do most do? They stuff them as far down as they can, hoping to never feel them again.

But just like a beach ball held under water for a second too long, those emotions will undoubtedly resurface. And often at the most inopportune time.

This is why we hear stories of physicians tanking their cases in depositions, getting DUIs before trial, getting divorced after “surviving” a lawsuit, or fleeing the practice of medicine all together.

Stuffing those emotions in some deep dark corner does not help your case. It may hurt your practice, your relationships with your patients, colleagues, family and friends.

It creates toxicity and steals years of your life.

💡 Did you know that physicians will spend 10% - 25% of their careers in litigation??

How would you want to spend 10% - 25% of your career?

I bet it's not living and waiting for the other shoe to drop.. or the beach ball to resurface.

But this is precisely how most physicians have been living through lawsuits and the reason why there are so many horror stories out there.

But you can get through a lawsuit where the challenging process does not result in trauma and progress into full blown PTSD.

It starts with acceptance that it will take some version of a village to get through litigation. Every physician’s village will be different. Each doc will have to determine what resources they will need.

I don’t know if I am part of the village you are looking for, but one thing for sure, you won’t know unless you take the next step forward.

So take the first step. Book a free consult and figure out what you need.

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