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Christine V. Zharova, Esq.           


Physician Coach

An Introduction

My name is Christine. With close to 15 years defending healthcare professionals in lawsuits as a medical malpractice lawyer behind me, I now guide physicians through the medical malpractice journey as a coach, a consultant, and an educator.


I started my journey after witnessing the destructive ripple effect that the litigation process had on a physician’s life: DUIs, divorces, major shifts in practices, burnout, some leaving the medicine altogether.  It was hard to watch physicians’ lives be turned upside down by a process that is so inextricably tied to their chosen profession. 

I tried my best to ease their pain. Besides being a lawyer to my physician clients, I was also their confidant, their cheerleader, and to some, a friend. But I knew they needed more. 


I knew that physicians needed more resources while they navigated the process.  I knew that it was time to start neutralizing the meaning of lawsuits. It also became clear that education on medical-legal issues should begin before a lawsuit is filed and physicians’ emotional floodgates are busted open. 

This has brought me to coaching, consulting, and educating in this arena. I am here to fill in the gaps between what you get from your attorney and what you need.  To give consistent and focused guidance through the litigation process that is tailored to your specific needs.  


If litigation is an occupational hazard of the medical profession, it is time for a change.   This process lasts far too long for it continue to be this traumatic.  I hope you join the movement to reinvent the physician experience. 

~ Christine 

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