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What do you do if you
can't make your medical malpractice lawsuit disappear?

Learn how to navigate the process through a framework of a game.

Where you take charge of life through litigation, and not let the lawsuit become a destructive force in your life.



Christine V. Zharova, Esq.           


Physician Advocate & Coach


Medical Malpractice Coaching Consulting | Medmal Game

My name is Christine Zharova. With 15 years defending healthcare professionals in lawsuits as a medical malpractice lawyer behind me, I now guide physicians as a medical malpractice coach, consultant, and educator. 


I started my own journey after witnessing the destructive ripple effect that the litigation process had on physicians' lives: DUIs, divorces, major shifts in practices, burnout, some leaving the practice of medicine altogether.  I saw how lawsuits struck physicians at their core. It was hard to watch lives be turned upside down by a process that is so inextricably tied to physicians' chosen profession. 

I tried my best to ease their pain.  Besides being a lawyer, I was also a confidant, a cheerleader, and to some of my physician-clients, a friend. But they needed more ... so much more.  

Through the years, I have learned several things time and time again:


Physicians need more resources while they navigate the lengthy process.  

The meaning of lawsuits needs to be neutralized.

Education on medical-legal issues should begin before a lawsuit is filed, before physicians’ emotional floodgates are busted open. 

This has brought me to educating, consulting, and coaching, which I combine and which I tailor, to fit to each physician.   I am here to fill in the gap between the traditional resources and what doctors actually need, so the process does not feel like a long isolating journey ... like mere survival.  

If litigation is an occupational hazard of the medical profession, it is time for a change. It is far too lengthy to allow it to permeate through every fiber of a physician's life.  


I hope you join the movement to reinvent the physician experience. 

~ Christine 

A medical malpractice process is no different than a game.


There are players, objectives, and goals.

There are challenges, tools, and rules


There is a finish line. 

Most physicians don't even realize they had signed up

to play the game. 

They do not fully understand the rules. They are not optimizing the tools. ​They are merely surviving the process.


Is that the best we can do?


Let's change things up. 

It's time to Flip the Script on [the] MedMal Game.™​

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